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If you're looking for a Chihuahua who doesn't bark, bite, pee or bolt out of doors and gates, THIS IS THE CHIHUAHUA for you! PLASTICO is an adorable (any age you want) boy or girl (whichever you prefer) who only weighs two pounds (WOW, a T-cup!)! Plastico can eat cheap dog food without getting sick, won't lift his leg on your furniture and won't keep your neighbor up all night BARKING. Another great thing about Plastico is, even if your kid hits and kicks him, he won't bite back to defend himself. No need to worry about having a secure fence or forgetting to close the doors! Meter readers, gardeners and pool cleaners can leave the gates open! But the best thing about Plastico is, you won't have to pay the huge vet bill after you drop him or let him out without a leash and the big dog or car hits him. In fact, you can just THROW him away like all of the other Chihuahuas and buy a new one!

Little Homie, good friend of Chihuahua Rescue shown here with a real Chi ;)

Click on Little Homie's car to find out what he is saying!