Burbank, California

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BIG THANKS TO H.A.P.E. volunteers for donating your work at Chihuahua Rescue! Santa Clarita- area teens from their high school volunteer club, HAPE (Helping Abandoned Pets Everywhere), recently spent their Saturday day helping take care of abandoned dogs at Chihuahua Rescue in Burbank. The club has previously volunteered at numerous animal rescues and aspires to assist any animal shelters or rescues with their time as well as donating from funds they raise. Their members' ages range from 15 to 18 and are very capable. Led by club president, Lindsey H., the crew of student volunteers helped walk dogs, cleaned enclosures, directed visitors, chaperoned dogs and a variety of other work. They were all friendly and conscientious and left a lasting impression on the dogs and the staff volunteers.

It makes the future of our dogs' world feel a little bit brighter knowing young people of your caliber represent the next generation of animal guardians.

On behalf of all of the Chihuahua Rescue dogs, we hope to see you all again, soon.

-Dave, Webmaster, Humane Officer, Chihuahua Coordinator, Behaviorist & Consultant (you can tell we're stretched pretty thin around here;)

Chihuahua Rescue and Sanctuary, Burbank, California

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