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We are a NEVER KILL rescue with up to 204 dog- beds, always running at or near capacity. We are NOT a "network" or a "virtual" rescue. We take in any surrender regardless of pedigree, medical or behavioral problems, illness or injury. We pay rent for our kennel, utilities, 200 lbs. of dog food per day, custodial employee wages, vet bills for 200 dogs and most importantly provide a safe, warm, environment for life, if necessary.

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Hi... my name is Lexi. As you can see, I did not get a very good start in this life. I may not be a show dog because I came from a backyard breeder but they say I'm pretty cute anyway. I don't remember much about my previous owners except that they seemed to really have loved me.One day I was doing what any normal puppy was doing...playing and eating off the ground. I thought I was eating penny meatballs and marble cake; however, what I was actually eating... (read more)

Watch Lexi in ChihuahuaVision® or come by Chihuahua Rescue on Saturday & meet Lexi in person...either you can see our little miracle and what your help does for abandon, abused, sick and injured Chihuahuas!









Medical- needs dog

Medical/special- needs. ZUMA - I'm a very rare breed called an Xoloitzcuintli, or Mexican Hairless (TOY). We only have hair on our heads, our paws and the tips of our tails. On sunny days, I will need to wear a T-shirt because our skin gets sun burned. I have been abused but I am very loving with people I trust. I am intelligent, very proud and extremely loyal. If you want to meet someone very special, that would be me. *This extraordinary boy was abandoned by his owner.
Meet Pudding & Biscuit. Biscuit has the brown on his back, Pudding is all white.Under two years old (18 months approx.) Chi/terrier mixes, both male. Unfortunate circumstances forced owner to find new homes. They are both wonderful, sweet, well behaved, not abused.
Doing much better, this Chi boy waqs dropped off starved and abused 3 weeks ago. He's ready to go into a loving home now.

Jerry - medical- needs dog

Beautiful white medical needs girl.

Special- Needs Chihuahua, "Taz", with autism and post- traumatic stress disorder, was turned in for biting a child. We don't always get a complete story when a Chi is surrendered and that that's the nature of the work we do. We just take them in because we feel they deserve better than to be put to death in a shelter. Dogs with major problems like this are difficult to place, but once in a while a special human with a special kind of love, patience and acceptance comes along. Read his heart- warming "happy ending" here...
Boy George - Rokitu's son.
LADDY - This perfect little Chihuahua was found tied up to a tree in the hills of a coyote neighborhood. He is safe now.

TEA ROSE -Sad, beautiful baby girl. Owner turned in because they were moving. She is safe and protected now.

WALLY (left) & MARTY (below) - Well, just as look us! We're all grown up and we still haven't found our home together. We've heard a rumor that because we love each other so much, we must be adopted together. It's true, we DO love each other BUT we would also REALLY LOVE to find a family to LOVE US BACK. We're both
extremely handsome, and have lots of energy and love to play. We don't need to have other dogs for companions because we amuse each other. Don't we have the most amazing ears you ever saw? How can you resist us? *These fun and exciting brothers were saved from an unscrupulous backyard breeder who was selling puppies in a cardboard box in front of Walmart.


DIRK - Just look long and hard into my gorgeous eyes and you will see the whole story! I'm a wonderful happy Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix with a luscious golden blond coat. I've got a great build, work out and weigh eleven pounds. I'm two years old, which is fourteen in "human years," so basically, I'm still a kid. I would be thrilled to find a home with you and your other dog or dogs. I assure you that you will you will be captivated by me! *This unbelievably wonderful boy was abandoned by his owner.

Hi! My name is Chester. I'm an irresistible little guy with lots of energy and a big heart. I am Chihuahua/ Toy Fox Terrier mix. I've been waiting for someone to love me. I promise that I will be a wonderful companion for you! Oh, and I get along quite well with other small dogs, too. I'm a year and a half old and I only weigh six pounds. Don't you just love my ears? This adorable boy was abandoned by his owner.

This beauty, Carol, was turned in for nipping at a child who was unrelentlessly tormenting her. She is sweet, loving and gentle and would do well with a new family with similar qualities.
Bought from a "pet shop" as a puppy, Tipton's owners took care of him for a good, long while, that is, until he was deemed "too old" and was dumped at a city shelter, likely to be euthanized. Luckily, we rescued Tipton and he was eventually placed with a kind, new family who all love him very much. He is a quiet, affectionate, beautiful little boy with perfect manners. Tipton loves to get and give kisses.
We have two little dogs.  One, a female, is named Foxy.  She is light brown, about a foot tall with long legs and pointy ears.  She is a joy to be around, energetic and friendly-everyone loves her.  My Mom found her and took her in, she has visited the vet regularly and has all of her shots and licenses.  The other, a male, named skinner, is about 11 or 12 years old and has epilepsy.  He takes Rimadyl and Phenobarbital twice daily.  Sadly, he was abused as a pup, before my mom adopted him, and he is not as friendly as Foxy. 
They can be adopted separately-I would not place Skinner in a home with small children as he is a little snippy.
she is probably about 3yrs old, teeth have small amount of tartar, maybe 5 lbs, rescued off a busy 6 lane highway, covered in fleas, mud, sore on her belly.... not fixed.  Very sweet and loving and a good watch dog, shy around new people and especially men.  Needs to be with someone pretty full time, can stay in a kennel or bag and travel, but does not like being left alone.  I would not have her around young children as she is very small, and gets nervous easy.  I know she looks at small dogs and the kitty but not sure how she is with other pets... it would be dangerous to expose her to larger dogs. She is very energetic and will play running around the house or yard, she loves to sleep right next to you and give you puppy kisses... she bonded to me very quickly and I think she could bond to someone who would give her constant love and affection.... She is very small and thin but eats well, so I think it is just her natural size, since she eats three big bowls of food a day.  
Sparky was pulled from the West Valley Animal shelter just in the nick of time. The workers there could see his potential, but since he had bitten someone when he was rescued from the street (after being hit by a car) he was marked as a biter and was only eligible to be released to our Rescue.
This boy is wonderful, very sweet and loving, I don’t see the biter in him at all. As we all know how scary some situations can be, and I’m sure this little guy was just scared. After being held for a bit, I saw his wonderful and sparkling personality.
He’s approx. 3 years old, 7 lbs.

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