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We are a NEVER KILL rescue with up to 204 dog- beds, always running at or near capacity. We are NOT a "network" or a "virtual" rescue. We take in any surrender regardless of pedigree, medical or behavioral problems, illness or injury. We pay rent for our kennel, utilities, 200 lbs. of dog food per day, custodial employee wages, vet bills for 200 dogs and most importantly provide a safe, warm, environment for life, if necessary.

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MAE - ADOPTED! Get in line because I'm one real special lady! I don't need to tell you how sweet I am and how much I love to cuddle. The only thing missing is a loving family. I'm two years old and I weigh seven pounds. I could lose a pound and still keep my shapely figure.*This snuggle bug was found wandering the streets and dodging traffic. No owner ever came to look for her.
SPECIAL- NEEDS DOG: STONEY is a rare "blue" pure bred Chihuahua who has suffered emotional trauma since he was a puppy. This little boy cries incessantly and doesn't quickly connect with people. He seems to always be looking around and waiting for the "other shoe to drop." Since he arrived at Chihuahua Rescue, he has made some progress. He needs a very loving and patient person to gain his trust. We believe that he is young enough and intelligent enough to come out of his shell and become a happy affectionate boy with LOTS of patience, unconditional love and reassurance.
Skylar (above right), Lucy (above left) and Spanky are litter mates who were abandoned by a casual breeder. They are 8 weeks old, socialized with people, dogs and cats and will be available for adoption soon.

TIKI - I'm two whole pounds of love. Got a pocket? *This teeny tiny girl was given up by her owners, who loved her very much, but realized that owning a teacup Chihuahua is a HUGE responsibility. Tiki is looking for a very experienced Chihuahua person who will provide a safe and loving home for her.
Little SIMON - I don't want you to get all teary-eyed when I tell you this but I've been waiting for a home for two years. Every Saturday at the adoptions, it's the same old thing. All of the wonderful people look right past me and choose someone else. I get sad when I think about it and wonder why nobody wants to love me. I'm sweet, cute and lovable. What's not to like? Won't you take a second look? I'm longing to be loved like all of my friends here at Chihuahua Rescue, who keep leaving to go to their new homes. I'm four years old and I weigh seven pounds. That's seven pounds of LOVE. *This lively little boy was abandoned by owner in Northern California.

This black beauty was slated for euthanasia before being bailed out.

Last of the dumpster dog pups. Gorgeous black female is a living rag doll who just melts in your arms.

This beauty was turned in because of allergy problems in the owner's family. She is currently in foster care.ADOPTED!

This little dog was found wandering the mean streets of L.A.

Libby was found on the streets, still lactating.

Pretty Chica- Turned in for harassing koi fish.

Left alone with the other dogs in his owner's backyard, Billy Bob was attacked by a wolf- hybrid and rottie that left his back and abdomen torn open and punctured a lung. He laid injured for 8 hours until someone noticed him and finally was taken to a vet. Miraculously, he survived his injuries, but the owner's refused to pay his bill and told the vet to euthanize him, instead. We promptly took him in and he is recovered and healthy, but is extremely fearful and suffers post trauma anxiety.


Stunningly cute Aunt Betty survived the chilling torture of being shot with a pellet gun and slashed with a razor on her chest and abdomen only to end up at the pound and scheduled for eunthansia. She was bailed out at the last moment and is now enjoying love, safety and a second chance at happiness and the life she deserves. While she is still a little understandably nervous, Betty is a complete baby doll who responds to snuggling, kissing and the occasional turkey- jerky treat while she undergoes restorative care at Chihuahua Rescue and her prognosis is excellent. She will benefit most from a warm, loving home with an experienced and gentle family.

Gentle, cuddly white bear Jeffrey is sad and doesn't understand why his life was turned inside out.

Benji is an adorable fluffball who, as you can see in the eyes, is very sad upon realizing that the home he knew is gone. Dogs like this are very grateful for being given a second chane and make superb companions and loving, gentle souls who impart center and balance to a home.





Nine month old Piper was saved from a city shelter at the very last moment.
One more second and this lovable little pup would have taken his last breath

Dobie Gillis is loyal and gorgeous and ready for a new master who won't ever let him go.

Please please read my story. It is very important and I am hoping that I can at least get my message across to enough people who will spread this very important message around. My name is Goldie. Yes, I am a puppy...a very cute puppy. I am the kind of puppy that people pay a lot of money for...I am a puppy that my previous owners paid a lot of money for. I have one blue eye and one
brown eye. I am very small and will grow to be about 4 or 5 pounds. I sleep under the covers at night and I get very excited when my new mommy comes home from work. I sound like the perfect dog, right? I sound like a dog that you would want to buy your children, right? Wrong. I'm not. I am young but I am not naive. And my 14 year old owner realized I was not 'Tinkerbell.' Far from it as a matter of fact. I know all about Britney. I know all about Paris. I also know that I used to be carried around in a purse like Paris' Chihuahua and Britney's many Chihuahuas. The difference is, well, like many other cute Chihuahuas my original owners abandoned me. I lucked out. They dumped me at Chihuahua Rescue. Lots of doggies like me end up at pounds or on the streets. Thousands of 'me' get killed every year because people just don't know the truth. What is the truth? We are fragile dogs. We should not be a dog that you get for your kids. We are known to be nasty and biters. My previous 14 year old owner tried everything to get me to be a 'good puppy.' She took me to trainers, classes and even went so far as to put me on some medication. It did not work. She idolized Paris Hilton and thought I would be like Tinkerbell. I know many young girls go through fads and for some reason, the cute little Chihuahua in a purse seems to be the 'in' thing. But please remember that we are living creatures and we have feelings. Think about long term. Think about what I am telling you. I am at Chihuahua Rescue on Saturdays during adoption day. Please come visit me so I can growl at you and maybe, just maybe, you will have second thoughts about me and your children. I left out one morething. The fragile part. Chihuahua Rescue has more horrific stories about kids dropping little doggies like me and the outcome is always tragic. I also want to throw in that Chihuahua Rescue receives between 10-20 calls a day from people who want to dump their Chihuahuas. Many of them because the dog has nipped at the kids. And vet bills for small dogs like us??? In the thousands of dollar range, sometimes yearly. I kid you not. Chihuahua Rescue will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this and please feel free to e-mail any questions or comments. Thank you. Thank you for reading...Goldie

Max is a gorgeous black and tan pup found running in the street. He's sweet, gentle and calm.ADOPTED

(Yet another dumpster dog. We grieve for the ones who aren't discovered.)


Found in a dumpster behind a Target, Momma T was very fearful the first evening she joined us but was so desperate for love that she took a chance and slowly and shivering made her way to a warm lap.From a dumpster on Christmas Eve to delivering  and caring for 5 babies on New Years Day,  this loving and caring mom has been through so much and deserves a special home where she too will be loved and cared for forever. And never have worry about being thrown out like trash.

This beauty came in with a severe eye infection. Surrounded by love, healing has started slowly but surely both inside and out. ADOPTED!


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