Hello, and welcome. Here is a brief story on who we are and what we do. Why we do it, is unique to each person who helps the littlest and most defenseless of the canine breeds.

Chihuahua Rescue is an up - to 200 dog, actual rescue organizaton.

We are an absolutely NEVER- kill shelter, completely donation- funded and place each dog who we take custody of into a warm, safe and state- of- the- art security environment including full emergency, routine and sometimes extreme (and extremely expensive) veterinary care for each animal. We will let no dog die without providing any and every possible resources that we possess. Our veterinarians are chosen for their expertise in small dog medicine.

We further offer each dog in our care up to a lifetime of sanctuary or boarding care, if necessary. Our Chihuahua Sanctuary services are for dogs who cannot, possibly forever, be placed in normally- acceptable adoptive homes. These dogs may have physical or behavioral deficits that may put theirs or others' safety and well- being into jeopardy without extreme measures. Some examples of these dogs are ones who are profoundly handicapped, incorrigibly aggressive dogs, or dogs that require long- term, often costly veterinary care on an intensive basis. These dogs are not necessarily impossible to adopt, but the pool of qualified and willing adoptive candidates is extremely small.

Dogs that are otherwise healthy, normal or easily rehabilitated are offered for adoption into qualified homes. We do rigorous screening of all adoption applicants, including reference checks and mandatory home inspection before the dog is released. We charge a $300 donation fee which barely covers the wholesale cost of each dogs' minimum initial services listed below.

We will spent any money we have to treat a dog and have spent thousands on veterinary care for individual dogs with serious problems. We take dogs with medical or injuries that no other rescue groups will touch, yet our adoption fee remains $300 ($350 for puppies)

Your adoption fee donation includes:

Veterinary exam and treatment as necessary

Spay/ neuter


Anesthesia- free Teeth Cleaning

Flea/ tick control



Heat (during winter)

Custodial care

Microchip implanting

Collar and tags

Bathing/ grooming


Legal documentation and records

Behavioral and nutritional therapy

Lifetime boarding

And more...

... before any dog is adopted out.

Money is not our objective.

We've already accepted full responsibility for these little dogs for the rest of their lives and their well- being is the absolute paramount in any decision.

It's all about the dogs.

And, it's all because of one woman, President and founder of Chihuahua Rescue, Ms. Kimi Peck. Kimi and her charges are helped tremendously by key volunteer officers and people who have a demonstrated a selflessness and devotion towards these dogs which is no less exemplary, but with these dogs, at her quarters within the kennel, only Kimi lives and breathes with and for each dog who comes into her care, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A Chihuahua in need or injured is blessed to be delivered to Kimi. Kimi will fight to no ends to protect each and every fuzzy, vulnerable little head in her kennel. She is an inspiration to us all and what keeps us coming back to help the dogs.

Thanks for visiting our website and caring about the dogs.

Dave, Volunteer, and webmaster, Chihuahua Rescue, Burbank, California

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

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